Jeep Safari ( Min 20 persons- Max. 120 persons)

Although the tour is not the Camel Trophy, it gives you the sensation of a great adventure.
It is actually a combination of an active and leisure holiday. It is a tour with a difference, intended for people who enjoy unusual, exploratory trips in places that are exciting and often remote, and where getting OFF THE BEATEN TRACK is an essential ingredient.
Still there is no limitation in participating; people all ages and all nationalities can join the groups. A radio system that is installed in all vehicles with continues communication and together with the information given by our expert escorts, gives the sensation of a Group association generating a beautiful atmosphere to the participants from the very beginning till the end of the tour.
Our Escorts as well as the drivers are carefully selected for their experience and eagerness for this kind of tours and together with their knowledge of the island and its people; guarantee a successful, safe and pleasant trip, keeping all participants absolutely satisfied.
Six daily trips a total distance of 1300 km during the week tavern dinners, beach lunches, beautiful beaches, monasteries, wild nature and lots of other beauties of the Island are what the Grand Safari is offering you.
1300 km round Crete island in 7 days
Depending on the arrival time this day it is a free day until 18.00 hours that all participants will meet at the hotel’s lobby where they will meet the escorts/drivers. They get the program information and they split in groups.
DAY 1:
The adventure begins; Ida Mountain range the highest mountain on the island. NIDA plateau (altitude 1250 meters) famous from the ancient years for the guardian archers of god ZEUS named Kourites. Anoghia village tradition is still alive there. Lunch in a small village and a soft way back will fulfil the day program.
DAY 2:
DIKTI mountain range a visit to the Plateau of Lassithi driving off road from the west side of the Dikti Mountain and over viewing the north coast line of the island is something you will never forget. We have lunch in a Tavern and then the way back through another plateau this time unknown even to locals. Plateau LIMNAKARO at the base of the highest peak (2148 meters high) of DIKTI mountain range.
The wild nature as well as the adventurous driving back through the mountains is a unique experience.
DAY 3:
It is time now to leave the central part of the Island and explore the most green and beautiful part of the Island, CHANIA province. So, with the luggage loaded in the leader Jeep we drive west. 210 km of asphalt and off-road driving a swim stop at the beautiful beach of GEORGIOUPOLIS is ahead before we end at our hotel in the town of CHANIA.Still, the dinner at the tavern is the peak of the day.
DAY 4:
A series of plantations of orange, olive and carob trees as well as wild nature up to an altitude of 1700 meters on the LEFKA ORI, is what we admire most before coming to the Entrance of the SAMARIA Gorge.
After the wild nature of Cretan Mountains, a mild landscape follows together with the crystal water of the Libyan Sea. Two hours drive through the greenest part of the area before we end at the hotel for another dinner at the hotel's tavern.  DAY 5: 180 km, a long day from early the morning till late the evening but in this day it seems that nature is always in orgasm full of flowers and colours. ELAFONISSOS Island or GOLDEN beach or GOLDEN PARADISE is an island that you visit walking through the green-blue water.
Despite the two-hour swimming stop and the lunch by the beach we leave with a taste of an unfulfilled dream. A visit to the monastery of Crissoskalitissa is a must and then an adventurous drive is following before our next RAKI (snap) stop at KAMPOS village. At this point everything is possible; there are no limitations either time schedule. One hour later we are at the Hotel to get prepared for the dinner in the tavern.
DAY 6: It is now time for us to go back to where we started. With our luggage loaded again at the leading Jeep we start for the longest day of the programme driving 240 km along south cost with only a short stop at the Palm Beach of PREVELI for lunch before we end at the Hotel. No it is not over yet, after a fast shower a dinner in local tavern is following with no limitations at all because the next day is the .....
Depending on the location of your hotel we will propose a destination. We will follow off road routes, drive through small traditional villages, farmer fields and impressive landscapes. We will visit local villages, interact with locals, participate in pottery making, shoot incredible photos and taste different Cretan specialities. The Jeep Safari tour could be combined with a boat tour, mountain bike tour or walking tour. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to plan your Safari.