Roadbook Safari (Min. 20 persons- Max. 80 persons)

The most attractive team building activity is the Jeep Safari with the Road book
The idea is that the participants should do a trip without knowing the destination and the road. They navigate themselves by a road book that we provide them at the beginning. First important thing is to split the group in teams. The teams can be named by numbers (team 1) or by giving them names of ancient gods and the mythology (team Zeus). Only by interpreting the road book is already a competition.  The book has five columns that are fool of information about the most important parts of the route. The first two columns are counters and they count continuously the route km by km and the three next columns are with graphics, photos of the points that counters are mentioning as well as a lot of important information in order to ensure that the participants can not loose their way.  Of course we provide extra help by having closed SOS envelopes with details how to continue. To make the trip more interesting we are having a point system and the goal is that the teams have to make an effort in order to collect as many points as possible. A questionnaire that they have to answer also gives them points and finally at lunchtime we collect all documents, count the points and we have the first three winner teams. Also during the route we have several Check Points in order to control whether every body has passed by. The trip is absolutely safe since it is not based on speed and also is covered by expert safari escorts and assistance vehicles.
Additional we have the option to add in the program an Archery competition and a Trial drive.
Normally the road book is from the morning until the lunch place (about 65 km) and the rest of the trip the way back is in a convoy.
We can provide awards for the winner teams or for the all group, medals, cups and diplomas.
Tavern lunch will be according the menu that the customer will determine and the cost is depending on the area and the menu.

An adventurous 4X4 day! This time have to find bythemselfs the final destination. Each jeep is considered as a team, each team has 4 persons. Each team receives a booklet with guidance, photos and drawings that explains how to reach their destination. The goal is to reach the destination before the time limit, answer questions as well as interact with locals for extra points. During the route there will be 2 check points to assure that all the teams are on the way. If a team get lost then they have to open the SOS envelope that is provided with the booklet, find the telephone numbers of the escorts and the routed map that will help them find their destination. In case a team get lost and opens the SOS envelope points will be removed from the total score. The three teams that will collect the most points will be awarded in a small ceremony. All participants are awarded with a participation diploma. Contact us at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to plan your Roadbook Safari.