From which month and till when are you open?

>>We operate everyday from April till October. The winter months we operate upon request.


Are your Jeep tours self driving?

>>Yes, our jeeps tours are self driving.


How old should I be in order to drive?

>You should be at least 21 years old and have a driving license more than one year.


How old should I be in order to participate in your jeep tours?

>>People of all ages participate, as far as they sit and fasten the seatbelt.


Does your company provide child seats?

>>Yes, we provide upon request.


What kind of 4x4 vehicles will I drive?

>>Our 4x4 vehicles are the Suzuki Jimny 2008-2010 soft top model.


Am I insured in your tours?

>>You are fully insured in our tours but, it won’t cover you if they found out that you had consumed alcohol.


Is it possible to taste any liquor during your tours?

>>Not if you drive. As a passenger, yes you can.


Is it possible to participate in your tours without a driving license?

>>Yes, you will sit as a passenger and enjoy a beautiful day.


What languages do your escorts speak?

>>Our escorts speak English, French, German, Dutch and Russian.


Are your escorts first aid certified?

>Yes, in every group there is at least one first aid certified escort.


What should I wear?

>>You should wear something comfortable according to the weather conditions.


What should I bring with me?

>>Hat, sun cream, water and medication if you are a patient.


Should I bring cash?

>>It would be wide to bring some cash with you since there aren’t many ATM machines along our way.


Should I bring a camera?

>>Yes but be aware that Crete is very dusty especially during dry season. In every group there will be a cameraman in order you to get a souvenir DVD.


Im on medication, can I participate in your tours?

>>Our tours are dusty and some times bumpy, consult your doctor.


Do i need to take lunch with me?

>>All our tours include lunch in a local restaurant.


I’m a vegetarian, is this a problem?

>>Not at all, we will arrange a vegetarian lunch for you.


We are a booking of 4 persons, 1 driver, can we be all together I the jeep?

>>Yes, for sure.


We are a booking of 4 persons, non drivers; can we be all together in a jeep?

>>Our jeeps have 4 registered seats. You need a driver, so you split in 2 jeeps.


We are a booking of 3 persons, non drivers, can we participate?

>>Yes, a guest will drive you. You have the choice to hire a private driver if you want upon request.


We are a booking of 2 persons; can we be alone in the jeep?

>>Our jeeps have 4 registered seats; if you want to keep them for your own you must pay a small fee.


end faq